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Multiple Solutions, One Stage : Success

Nowadays, technology in general and especially IT is penetrating every aspects of management within all businesses.

Adopting and recognizing such a steady fact is an easy must, hosting technology and shaping it to an existing range of products and services is more challenging. Fit-to-use and fit-to-purpose, including ergonomic, functional, useful and performing aspects of the design are the guarantee of an effective adoption of IT solutions.

By applying our own methodology based on assessment, training, consulting, design and implementation, we offer fine-tuned modular packages within customized, mature and intuitive solutions.

Service Desk Consolidation

  • Assessment & Recommendations
  • Training
  • Quick Wins
  • Tools Review & Quick Fix

ISO/IEC 20000 Certification Support

  • Auditing the existing systems and processes
  • Roadmap
  • Platform-based embedded processes
  • Service Improvement Plan

Managed Services

  • Internal and external team support
  • Application and development portfolio management
  • Project management

IT-Business Alignment

  • Business Processes Review
  • IT Processes Assessment
  • Alignment Roadmap and Recommendations
  • Alignment Assistance & Setup

Globally, chances are maximized to meet our customer defined target while our approach ensures operational excellence in defining accurate objectives and delivering sustainable solutions.

Driving business transformation relies on bringing people, business and technology together. Therefore, our consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients in order to keep them fully empowered while conducting the change.

Customers’ satisfaction is our main motivation; that’s where a strong culture of listening becomes a priority to primarily focus on current needs, anticipate futures ones, and intervene whenever an “out-of-the-blue” dysfunction appears ensuring everything is established within a consistent roadmap.

Several Opportunities, One Approach : Catch
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We believe, indeed, that it’s not about investing a large amount of resources on IT; it’s about selecting the solutions that fit most the defined priorities in terms of IT services and return on investment.

Additionally, we understand how it’s tough to justify incremental investment of going from a basic set of tools and applications to a more innovative and sophisticated information system. Our involvement through that journey is therefore directed by the related motivations and specific expectations that are sometimes obvious, sometimes more complex.

Our solutions are designed to enhance our clients’ competitiveness by driving change and unlocking innovation. The various options we offer are modular and flexible, shaping a broad set of “out of the box” thinking where the main objective is to make full profit of our predefined yet oiled solutions while optimizing our customers’ investment and improving their time to market.