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hp_bto_slideThe team at Atlantis Digit has been an expert in HP Softwares. BTO is an approach to IT management and a category of software and services supporting that approach. While you can learn more about HP BTO here, the key areas of BTO that Atlantis Digit focus on are as follows:

IT Service Management
The HP Software approach to ITSM efficiently addresses long-standing ITSM concerns such as staff efficiency and cost reduction. At the same time, it mitigates business risk and drives business alignment and value by applying three key principles:

1. Continuously measure and optimize IT value to the business
HP Software solutions for ITSM enable IT organizations to proactively monitor service levels to deliver expected performance, make informed decisions to balance cost and service quality, and provide decision-makers with actionable key performance indicators across an integrated ITIL® service lifecycle.

2. Automate IT services, processes and tasks
IT automation is the key to cutting costs and increasing effectiveness, and HP Software solutions for ITSM help IT managers standardize and automate best practices to increase staff efficiency and reduce spending, integrate end-to-end service delivery, implement self-service catalog and knowledge management, and fully understand the total cost of ownership of the services their teams deliver.

3. Mitigate risk by centralizing and enforcing processes
IT risk is business risk. HP ITSM solutions mitigate risk by helping IT teams automate change control to minimize service disruptions, achieve regulatory compliance, and expedite attestation and certification processes. HP ITSM solutions also isolate potential sources of business problems and address them according to financial priorities.

Business Service Management
HP Business Service Management (BSM) combines HP Application Performance Management, Network Management, and Systems Management to integrate application, system, network, and business transaction monitoring. Business Service Management helps you manage application performance to address issues before they impact customers and connects dynamic cloud and virtualized services to underlying infrastructure to prioritize by business impact, fix issues cost-effectively, improve quality, and provide better visibility into onsite and cloud services.
HP Application Security
Find web application security vulnerabilities during every phase of the software development lifecycle. Application quality includes not only functionality and performance, but also web application security. While some security vulnerabilities exist in your web server or application infrastructure, at least 90 percent of those vulnerabilities exist in the web application itself. To address web application security, you must treat these security vulnerabilities as defects. As such, application security must be incorporated into your existing quality management practices within the software development lifecycle.

HP Application Security solutions enable your developers, quality assurance (QA) teams and security experts to successfully conduct web application security testing and remediation. This sophisticated, scalable, web application security solution helps you find and fix security vulnerabilities for web applications throughout the application software development lifecycle.

With these solutions, your organization can manage your software development lifecycle:

  • Manage web application security testing with HP Assessment Management Platform software
  • Get the next generation in web application security testing with HP WebInspect software
  • Develop secure web applications and services with HP DevInspect software
  • Standardize web application security testing during QA testing with HP QAInspect software
HP Business Service Automation
IT was never simple, but today”s IT environments are rapidly growing in complexity, resulting in increased management costs, downtime related to uncontrolled change and risks of meeting compliance requirements.

HP Business Service Automation helps your organization confront these challenges by providing a service-centric, integrated solution suite that enables you to:

  • Create a common view of the business service across the IT environment
  • Automate change across all of the devices making up the business service for cost efficiency
  • Connect IT processes and coordinate siloed teams through a common workflow
  • Manage and report on your infrastructure compliance
  • Integrate with monitoring and ticketing tools for a holistic service management solution
HP Demand and Portfolio Management
It Achieves demonstrated ROI and improved business outcomes.  IT executives often struggle to gain real-time visibility into what they are spending money on and determining which IT investments will add the most value. Identifying and prioritizing which work to fund is essential for on-time delivery that is within budget and meets business objectives.

HP Demand and Portfolio Management offerings provide you with fast, measurable value. You can lower the chance of funding initiatives that are not aligned with your business goals. And you can reduce the risk of failed or cancelled projects.

With these solutions, your organization can:

  • Gain visibility into complete IT supply and demand
  • Identify and prioritize projects that demonstrate value to the business
  • Achieve financial transparency across the IT investment lifecycle
  • Implement best practices to support regulatory compliance and industry standards
  • Reduce costs and risk while delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget