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The continued improvement of the quality of services is a must for any organization. It proves that you take the users of your services seriously. That is why the Continual Service Improvement module should not be missing from the Best Practices exams offered for IT Service Management.

Format of the exam (length and number of questions of the exam)
Web based or paper based
Each candidate will receive a support in paper form or electronically
Course Length
3 days with certification
Delivery Language
English / French
The pre-requisites
Proof of passing the Best Practices Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (or other appropriate Best Practices and bridge qualifications)
Qualification level
Target group
CIOs, CTOs, managers, supervisory staff, team leaders, designers, architects, planners, IT consultants, IT audit managers, IT security managers, service test managers and ITSM trainers.
Learning objectives
Through the completion of this course you will learn how to:
– Analyze and apply the improvement process in 7 steps
– Deliver CSI while using proven methods and techniques
– Implement CSI while analyzing challenges, critical success factors and risks
Addressed topics
You would like to improve how you provide services and learn more about the principles, processes, methods, organization and techniques. Your full attention is on implementation and the critical success factors for continued improvement of services.
Addressed topics during this course:
– Introduction to CSI
– CSI principles
– CSI processes
– CSI methods and techniques
– Organizing for CSI
– Technology considerations
– Implementing CSI
– Challenges, critical success factors and risks
Preparation methods
Personal study time
Mock Exam on Atlantis Digit E-Learning Platform
Next Step
Courses from the Lifecycle or Capability modules.
Exam and rights & obligations of the students
As soon as the certification exam is ordered, you will be informed about privacy details of EXIN exams.
Candidates are asked to communicate the right personal information and payments details. The registration cannot be confirmed until the payment is verified.
Final detailed calendar of the course sequence logistics and content information (Date, location, conditions, practical advice) is communicated to each candidate one week before the session.
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