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ilmOptimizing the flow of the information in your business begins with a sound strategy for creating, organizing and disposing of your information assets. An enterprise-level view of the processes that influence the information lifecycle will, in turn, support your business objectives.

Applying common principles for information lifecycle management across functional and geographic business lines establishes a solid and scalable information architecture that leverages your information assets across your entire business.

Mapping the flow of information through a business process is only one way to enhance the value of information assets throughout their lifecycles.Atlantis Digit expertly applies the appropriate products in our content management platform to your information in each phase of its lifecycle. We also analyze the association of these assets with and between business applications, and look at their interaction with external sources that affect your business processes. Taking the time to define a thorough information lifecycle strategy will enable you to improve scalability and increase user adoption for your entire organization.
To capture information effectively, you need to translate incoming data into business-ready content and optimize its flow through your organization. This enables faster access to critical business information. Input management solutions from Atlantis Digit capture both structured and unstructured content and rapidly deliver the resulting information assets to your business applications. Our input management specialists will help you identify and apply the right products for your specific requirements so your business users receive the right information in the right forma, at the right time.
Atlantis Digit delivers on the strategy for information lifecycle management in yourorganization. We consolidate information assets into a unified lifecycle management model and leverage content in all its forms to make it consistently available to your business processes. We support your business by helping to:

  • Improve productivity.
  • Lower cost.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Enhance compliance.
Productivity and operational efficiency can improve greatly when business applications are supported by a common information platform.

Enterprise Application Integration services from Atlantis Digit provide a framework of pre-packaged web services and client components to accelerate integration between Documentum and other enterprise applications. This framework can be tailored to your environment, allowing us to deliver interoperability between Documentum and:

  • SAP.
  • SharePoint.
  • Lotus Notes.
  • Oracle.
  • PeopleSoft
Atlantis Digit recognizes that protection of your information assets is as critical as their timely delivery to business users, and we view security as an essential part of every strategy for information management. We understand how to selectively apply limits to viewing, editing, printing, or routing to ensure that content remains secure as it is shared internally and externally.

In addition, we:

  • Define incremental security controls for content in all its lifecycle stages.
  • Design how access is authorized under dynamic conditions.
  • Determine how to prevent data loss, even with media disposal or recycling.
Atlantis Digit provides archiving services that align diverse business and regulatory requirements through a unified information-management platform. We create an archiving model that can consolidate distributed archives and processes within a single, enterprise content repository that is managed for the entire lifecycle of the information assets. Those assets can include:

    • e-mail
    • instant messages
    • reports, images
    • SAP application data
    • SharePoint files