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iso-certificationAware of the requirements of performance, reliability and continuity of services, we assist our most visionary customers upgrade their information system following a relevant and flexible methodology, responding to the most current IT productivity challenges.

This support is scheduled over a period of 6 to 12 months with a view to obtaining the ISO / IEC 20000-1 certification, which today is the only international standard for recognition of the performance of IT services and which helps an IT organization position itself as an organization that manages all aspects of its data according to best practices (support, services, customers, internal / external suppliers, planning…).

That is why; Atlantis Digit offers a wide range of services including framing services, training, improvement plan, implementation and pre-audit

A special effort is focused on the knowledge and understanding of your current processes in order to highlight areas for improvement allowing you to customize your structure according to the best practices of information technology.

Thus, during the scoping phase, our experience shows that the questions addressed to your teams must be targeted and involve all employees so that we can take into account any deviation from the desired end state.

Thereafter, through quantitative and qualitative analysis of responses to our questions, we draw conclusions based on our past experience while considering factors specific to your organization experiences.

We can then provide a rational analysis of variance, and define the set of actions to be implemented through a specific roadmap.

Throughout the process, we aim to anticipate the key success factors for the implementation of missing best practices and prepare for the certification. It is a continuous analysis of the maturity of the actions in place until reaching the final stage of optimized processes.