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For better IT governance for an IS0 20000 certification, we offer a recommended approach by best practices. From audit to support and implementation of best practices processes, the proposed approach bases its path on the concept of Deming.

  • Define the vision and objectives
  • Evaluation of the existing
  • Improvement of the existing
  • Checking and measures
After defining the vision and mission, we’ll proceed to:

Analysis of the current situation
  • Pre-audit
  • Review the organization
  • Identify needs & Objectives
  • Prioritize goals to achieve
Action Plan
  • Analyze the maturities
  • Specify recommendations
  • Synchronize the action plan
ISTM implementation
  • Plan training
  • Define responsibilities
  • Verify the implementation
  • Prepare
  • Transform
  • Submit
  • Adopt
  • Grind
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Communicate
  • Easy ITSM Assessment: An audit tool consists of a hundred specific questions focus to draw up the whole issue in a few interviews with key people.
  • Easy ITSM Certification: A training ITSM and ISO20000 certification tool, recognized by EXIN and allowing the delivery of on-line training as well as the simulation of a number of certification exams (ISO20000 Foundation, PMI, …)
  • Easy ITSM Processes: A tool for implementing best practices processes including those of ISO20000. This tool includes all the ISO20000 best practices with all the necessary documentation
  • Visio process flowcharts with three levels (Processes, Procedures and Work Instructions) with an average of 5 procedures per process and 4 actions per procedure, which makes the flowchart very representative of the process in question.
  • Process guides with all the necessary descriptions to understand and really assimilate the process in question. The documentation for each process includes its objective, stakeholders (R & R), critical success factors (CSFs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and its RACI matrix.
  • Ability to customize processes so that ISO20000 best practices remain valid.