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Best Practices Expert Level is a superior level of Best Practices Service Management. Candidates require 22 credits to become an Best Practices Expert. They can make their choice in selecting modules from Best Practices Lifecycle, [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] Capability modules and the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] MALC module to attain the credits. An [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] Expert satisfies the prerequisite entry criteria for the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] Master Level; the highest level qualification within the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] scheme. Simplilearn’s [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] courses for expert level come to you with APMG accredited course material, practice tests and sample questions.

Candidates who achieve [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] Expert level will also satisfy the pre-requisite entry criteria for the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] Master Level; the highest level of certification within the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] scheme.

Best Suited for:
Chief information officers (CIOs), Chief technology officers (CTOs), IT architects, IT planners, IT consultants, IT audit managers, IT security managers, IT service delivery managers, IT service designers, IT Senior Managers, IT Program Managers are the ideal participants for [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING]® Expert exam.

Benefit of certification
  • TGlobally recognized IT service management Certification
  • Demonstrates one’s understanding of the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] terminology
  • Satisfies the prerequisite entry criteria for the [HEADING]OVERVIEW[/HEADING] Master Level
  • Improves job performance
  • Opens better opportunities in the career path