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Best Practices Master Certification

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The Best Practices Master Qualification Certificate is the top level certification of the Best Practices scheme. This certification will validate a professional’s capability to apply Best Practices principles, methods and techniques in the real business world.

It builds upon the knowledge gained through the core qualification scheme and validates practical application of the Best Practices framework in the work place. Candidates must explain how and why they have chosen to adopt, adapt and implement core Best Practices concepts within the workplace across the entire service lifecycle

Learning Outcomes

Every Best Practices Master candidate will select a unique range of experience to apply, so there is no fixed syllabus with associated Learning Objectives for this qualification. There is also no prescribed training course since the theory being tested will vary depending on the nature of the situation each candidate will choose to address.

Benefit of certification
For candidatesTo organisations
For candidates
  • The certification will enable ITSM Practitioners and Managers to differentiate themselves in the industry
  • It will also provide experienced Practitioners and Managers with an opportunity to identify any areas of weakness and improvement as they prepare for the certification
To organisations
  • Organisations can give an Best Practices Master candidate an assignment that will be beneficial to the organisation, therefore using the certifcation as an additional incentive for employees to take on appropriate projects
  • Organisations will gain value from the benefits achieved by the Best Practices Master candidate during the proposed project or assignment
  • Employing Best Practices Master’s could be seen to provide a competitive advantage
  • Organisations that have Best Practices Master’s working for them can claim a level of demonstrable quality by having employees who have reached the highest standard of certification in their field
  • The Qualification can be used to differentiate candidates for executive or higher management level roles